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Since 2019, MMDS excels in fast, friendly, and reliable delivery services, covering the entire UAE, setting new industry standards.

Delivery Services

Duly licensed as M-M DELIVERY SERVICE LLC in Dubai, we are headquartered at The Exchange Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, under the ownership of Muhammad Madassar. Delivering Excellence.

Empowering UAE Businesses with Rider Services

MMDS is your trusted partner in delivering exceptional bike rider services throughout the UAE. We specialize in recruiting high-performance individuals, ensuring your business thrives.

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About us

Unlock Seamless Deliveries: Partner with Us Today!

Dedicated to delivering swift and professional rider services, MMDS has been serving the UAE since 2019. Our mission is to enhance your experience with a friendly and informative approach, addressing daily delivery challenges through our well-trained and responsible team.

In a remarkably short time, MMDS has earned a strong reputation as a top delivery service provider in Dubai and Fujairah, with a business model focused on excelling in courier, food services, and supermarket management. Our innovative internal structure keeps us ahead, consistently meeting customer requirements with efficiency and timeliness.

Business Benefits

Unlocking the Benefits of Our Services

Discover the advantages of partnering with MMDS, from fast and professional rider services to seamless recruitment and top-notch management, all designed to enhance your business operations

Reliable Rider Attendance and 100% Acceptance Rate

Our dedicated teams ensure punctual rider attendance and maintain an impressive 100% acceptance rate for optimal service quality.

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Our Services

Our Comprehensive Service Offerings

Discover a complete suite of services, from meticulous recruitment and professional rider screening to ensuring smooth hiring processes. We provide well-educated, courteous riders and support the installation of Rider App devices, all dedicated to ensuring top-notch customer experiences.

Rider Recruitment Services

Unlock access to highly-skilled bike riders and car drivers, meticulously screened for your business needs. Our team ensures a smooth and professional hiring process, guaranteeing polite and well-educated riders.

Emergency Rider Replacement

When the unexpected happens, we’ve got you covered. Our emergency rider replacement service ensures your deliveries continue without interruption. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Rider App Installation Support

Stay ahead with the latest technology. We provide assistance with Rider App installation, enabling your riders to operate seamlessly and enhance the customer experience.

Business Value

Why Choice Us

Expert Rider Recruitment

We specialize in selecting high-performance bike riders and car drivers, ensuring they meet your exact requirements, supported by comprehensive screening.

Seamless Hiring Process

Our recruitment and hiring procedures are designed for smooth interactions between candidates and clients, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Emergency Rider Replacement

Count on us for prompt rider replacements when unexpected situations arise, providing continuity in your delivery operations.

Rider Professionalism

Our riders are not just skilled, but also well-educated, delivering exceptional customer service with politeness and professionalism.

Rider App Support

We facilitate Rider App installation, keeping your riders connected and enhancing their performance for a seamless delivery process.

Customer-Centric Service

Our commitment to quality ensures that our riders maintain respectful and courteous interactions with your valued customers.

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